Down-to-earth. Responsible. Forward-thinking.

German-Oekotec GmbH & Co.KG supplies highly effective organic cleaning systems for various spheres of life. We consider ourselves a driver of innovation and key partner in the search for solutions to provide a natural, clean future - as we are extremely aware of our responsibility for the environment, nature and people.

By using various electrolysis processes we have succeeded in developing products for application in all areas of intensive and routine cleaning which are created using water and mineral salts as the main components, and which are also highly efficient and comply with the conditions of the EC Organic Regulation (EC 834/2007).

Our company's roots are in the Osnabrück Land region. We are based in Melle. This is where we have been researching, developing and manufacturing products since 2013. Our cleaning products are "Made in Germany", as are our ingredients. In the procurement of goods we are therefore not dependent on developments on the world markets.

Our customers appreciate our reliability as well as our high degree of flexibility. We are not only able to provide cleaning systems tailored to every area of intensive and routine cleaning - we also offer the benefit of being free from protracted decision-making pathways. So we are flexible in accommodating your individual requirements. As well as very reliable. For our customers this means: quick decision-making processes and individualised solutions for your company.


Guido Blum

Company management

The Blum family, from Melle near Osnabrück, can look back over three generations of entrepreneurship in the area of hazardous waste disposal. In founding German-Oekotec, Guido Blum has pursued a new business direction in which he is also supported by his brother Sören. Their shared motivation is the search for an answer to the most pressing question of our time - how do we develop products free from toxic and polluting substances which not only provide deep cleaning but can also be used efficiently in economical terms, and are also kind on the environment, nature and people to an equal extent?


The team of German Oekotec

The Anglicism team (old: team family, team, group, offspring) refers to an association of several people to solve certain tasks or to achieve set goals.

And exactly this WE makes us a strong partner by your side. Working together with you to implement your ideas, concepts and wishes in a goal-oriented manner. Does not work - does not exist!