• German Öktotec

Good for your car. Good for the environment.

By developing TUSKER49 we offer you a special care range which provides all-round thorough and gentle cleaning for your car. The products are characterised by outstanding compatibility with materials and they ensure sparkling results - quickly and easily.

The mineral substances in the products are not only beneficial for the environment, they are actually beneficial for you too: Tusker49 does not cause irritations or allergies. Because it is naturally natural.

Whether leather, painted surfaces or interiors - for resilience, pearlescent effects and long-lasting sealing, in developing our car care range, we've been inspired by the best source possible - nature itse

Our range includes:

TUSKER49 Car Shampoo
TUSKER49 Cockpit Care
TUSKER49 Rim Cleaner
TUSKER49 Interior Cleaner
TUSKER49 Insect Remover
TUSKER49 Paintwork Finish
TUSKER49 Leather Care
TUSKER49 Windscreen Cleaner
TUSKER49 Fleece

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